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Senate Ed passes voucher bill | March 23, 2017 - 1:57pm

The Senate Education Committee voted out SB 3 Thursday morning on a 7-3 vote. Committee members voting “no” were Sens. Royce West (D-Dallas), Carlos Uresti (D- San Antonio), and Kel Seliger (R-Amarillo).

Budget bill moving in Senate | March 22, 2017 - 1:33pm

The Senate Finance Committee passed SB 1 on Wednesday, and Chair/bill author Jane Nelson indicated her intent to have the budget bill on the Senate floor by Tuesday of next week.

Pub Ed hears accountability reform bills | March 22, 2017 - 1:19pm

TCTA testified on a major bill in the House Public Education Committee hearing Tuesday. HB 22 by Chairman Dan Huberty is an attempt to remedy several of the problems that educators and others have with the state's current accountability system.

Latest News

TCTA scored a victory by convincing TEA to include in its finally adopted special education rules a provision that the regular education teacher participating in an ARD committee meeting must be one who will implement a portion of the student’s IEP. TCTA argued that it’s important to specify which of the student’s regular education teachers must be part of the ARD because not all of them may be implementing the student’s IEP.

Beginning March 1, and continuing through May 5, TRS is conducting an election for two board trustee positions. One position is for a retiree representative (to be voted on only by retirees) and one is an at-large position that can be filled by either a retiree or active member (and can be voted on by members of both categories). Watch your mail during the next two weeks for the March TRS newsletter, which contains both candidate information and voting instructions.

English Language Arts and Science teachers, have you ever wanted to tell the state just how long it takes to teach all of the TEKS for your classes? Do you believe that the TEKS for your subjects are too long to cover in one school year? Or do you think that the TEKS are perfect? Starting today, you have a chance to give feedback to the State Board of Education about the length of time to teach the TEKS. 

TCTA reminded the State Board for Educator Certification in testimony March 3, 2017, of the importance of preserving the integrity of teacher certification.

Help us spread the word by downloading and distributing this PDF flier to Texas high school teachers and counselors, who may nominate students for the TCTA Scholarship Program. Rather than focusing on academic records, TCTA will select award recipients based primarily on the qualities they have demonstrated and obstacles they have overcome that make them likely to succeed if given the chance.

School districts may get a reprieve from adding a student growth component to teacher appraisals in the coming school year.

(The 2017-18 Executive Board, from left, Cherie Bales, Donna Corbin, Suzanne Garcia McCall, Janie Baszile, Joyce McCurdy, Twila Read, Cristal Isaacks, Albert Mosqueda, Ann Martinez and Sherry Miller.)

AUSTIN — Gov. Greg Abbott reappointed Donna Bahorich as chair of the State Board of Education ahead of the Jan. 31, 2016, swearing-in ceremony for eight members elected or re-elected in November.

Preliminary accountability ratings released Jan. 6 by the Texas Education Agency as it transitions to a new A-F rating system sparked concerns from educators and education groups statewide after grades across the board were lower than many expected.

Those of us who are involved in Texas politics can often predict the starting point of a legislative session with some accuracy, but the trajectory and the endpoint are always much trickier. For example, we know that “school choice” (some type of private school voucher plan) is a top priority of Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and that a bill will be filed to accomplish this. But — will a voucher/ESA bill be seriously considered in the House, which has been firm in its resolve against voucher programs in the past? Private school choice is only one of many education issues that will be a big part of the 2017 legislative session. But it is not the only issue that will highlight the differences between House and Senate goals for the next five months.