The TCTA lobby team has been responsible for more teacher-friendly legislation than any other group.


It's easy to claim credit for helping to pass good or defeat bad legislation, and to be sure, many organizations are often involved in the outcome. But only TCTA has distinguished itself by persuading legislators to pass many of the laws you like:

  • The ability to be appraised less than annually
  • Required notification to teachers of a student with a severe disciplinary history
  • Teacher grading authority
  • Paperwork reduction
  • The ability to obtain additional certification without having to take college coursework
  • Automatic increases in the state minimum salary schedule tied to increases in state funding
  • Required posting of available jobs
  • Increased support for teachers of special education students in a regular classroom setting
  • And many more!

The TCTA lobby team has regularly been ranked the most effective among Texas teacher groups by Capitol Inside, a political publication that bases its "Lobby Power Rankings" on the opinions of legislators, staff and other lobbyists. We are active on your behalf not just at the Capitol in Austin, but in Washington, D.C., through the lobby firm we retain there to represent you on federal issues such as Social Security offset legislation and ESSA. Members of our lobby team are also busy with TEA, TRS, SBEC, the SBOE and other agencies and entities where rules and policies are made.

The upcoming session will be a difficult one, with school funding, health insurance for public school employees, vouchers, and other critical issues likely to be on the table. TCTA will be at that table representing you.


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