We think legal problems deserve legal attention early on, which sets us apart from the other groups.

TCTA members who have employment-related legal problems that arise after the effective date of membership have access to our legal staff without having to go through a non-lawyer "trained representative" (with whom there is no attorney/client confidentiality).

Even TCTA's newest attorney has eight years of experience, and several have been TCTA lawyers for 20 or more years. Two members of our legal staff have served as Chair of the State Bar of Texas School Law Section, chosen by their peers among practicing school law attorneys. Meet our attorneys here.

Just as you wouldn't drive without auto insurance (you wouldn't, right?), you shouldn't set foot in a classroom without the protection that TCTA provides. Access to our legal staff comes at no additional cost to your membership dues.

As attorney John Shergold of Brownsville, has said: "I have practiced school law for many years on behalf of Texas teachers, and I can tell you the TCTA is not just an association, but a family of caring, dedicated, and experienced legal professionals. TCTA is the only choice in Texas, in my opinion."


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*Legal services, as determined appropriate by the legal staff, are available only to members regarding employment-related matters arising after the effective date of membership. Membership with TCTA is subject to the terms of benefits as defined on the membership application.