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Membership enrollment is closed for 2016-17, but we invite you to join or renew your membership for the 2017-18 school year, which begins Aug. 1, 2017! If you have any questions, call the Membership Department at 888-879-8282.

Teachers Only, No Administrators 

Everyone on campus works together to educate the students, so why does TCTA limit our membership? You need an organization that is fully focused on your needs in the classroom, whether we're representing you at the Capitol or addressing employment-related legal issues. Read more here.

Experienced Attorneys

TCTA's experienced attorneys assist members with employment-related legal programs arising after they join. Most of our attorneys have been with TCTA for at least 15 years, and they have a passion for helping teachers. Read about our lawyers and legal services* here.

“As a campus instructional coordinator, I was not provided with a contract. After contacting an attorney at TCTA, not only do I have a contract, but so do 100 or so of my colleagues as a result of the grievance filed on my behalf. TCTA really provided me the support I needed as a professional.” — Member in Dallas ISD (Click here to read what more members say about TCTA.)

$8 Million in Professional Liability Coverage

Who needs insurance for teaching?  Unfortunately, you do. TCTA membership includes up to $8 million in professional liability coverage, with $2 million in civil rights coverage. Find out more here.


Effective Advocacy

The TCTA lobby team has been responsible for more successful teacher-friendly legislation than any other group, and has consistently been named the top teacher lobby group in the "Texas Lobby Power Rankings." Learn more about how we protect and help you in Austin and Washington, D.C. here.


Up-to-Date, Accurate Information

TCTA lets you know, through our quarterly magazine, Survival Guide, website, social media, and regularly e-mailed eUpdates (weekly during legislative sessions) what the issues are and how they might affect your classroom. Read about our award-winning publications and other communications here.


Discounts and Cost-Saving Programs 

Really, who likes to pay retail? There are businesses out there that support teachers, and we're happy to channel their goodwill to your benefit. You can easily save more than the cost of your dues just by using the discounts available to TCTA members. Check out our affiliate programs here.


Free Online CPE

TCTA makes it easy for you to keep up with your certificate renewal hours, and we're an SBEC-approved provider of professional development. Learn more here.


$140 Active Member Dues/$90 First-Time Active Member

How can we offer so many benefits for such reasonable dues? Since we're not affiliated with a national union, your dues dollars stay in Texas to support Texas educators, and we work hard to provide our services at teacher-friendly dues levels. Read more about how we do it here.


*Legal services, as determined appropriate by the legal staff, are available only to members regarding employment-related matters arising after the effective date of membership. Membership with TCTA is subject to the terms of benefits as defined on the membership application.