Why join TCTA?

There is only one teacher association in Texas that offers:


  • Teacher-friendly dues levels: $110 for first-time active members, and $175 for returning active members (nominal local affiliate dues may apply).

  • Best staff attorney-to-member ratio for employment-related legal issues.*

  • $8 million in professional liability insurance ($2 million civil rights coverage).

  • Exclusive membership limited to professional instructional personnel — no administrators.

  • Award-winning publications and regular updates on policy and legislative developments.

  • Discount programs that can save you more than your dues.

  • The top-rated teacher lobby team in Texas for 13 consecutive years, which will continue to fight to keep TRS a defined benefit plan, protect and improve active and retiree health insurance, promote the teaching profession, and preserve other teacher rights and benefits.

  • A lobby firm in Washington retained to work with us on issues like Social Security and ESSA.

  • 45+ hours of free online professional development.

  • Dues monies that stay in Texas to help Texas educators, not union dues sent to a national union.

Make The Educated Choice.

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*Legal services, as determined appropriate by the legal staff, are available only to members regarding employment-related matters arising after the effective date of membership. Membership with TCTA is subject to the terms of benefits as defined on the membership application.