Performance appraisals, contract disputes, campus transfers, student discipline, parent complaints, duty-free lunch, leave policies, salary concerns and child abuse are just some of the issues on which TCTA staff attorneys provide member legal assistance. The following list links to information on these and other legal topics of interest to teachers. If you are a TCTA member with questions involving specific facts, please call TCTA at 888-879-8282 so we can guarantee your confidentiality. 

Legal Issues A to Z

Administrative Leave Liability Insurance
Appraisals Nepotism
Background Checks Online Contact With Students
Breastfeeding Paperwork Requirements
Bullying Paraprofessional Wages/Rights
Charter Schools Parental Rights
Child Abuse PDAS
Class Size Planning/Preparation Time
Confidentiality (Student Info) Pledge of Allegiance
Confidentiality (Teacher Info) Political Activity
Contracts Principal-called Meetings
Copyright Professional Association Membership
Corporal Punishment/Excessive Use of Force Professional Development (Req'd of Districts)
DAEP Placement Psychotropic Drugs
Diabetes Management Records (Student)
Discipline Reduction in Force (RIF)
Duty-free Lunch Removal of Students/Expulsion
Expulsion/Removal of Students Removal of Students With Disabilities
Fingerprinting Removing Disruptive Students From Class (downloadable guide)
Freedom of Speech Resignation Deadline
Furloughs Restraint of Students With Disabilities
Grading Authority Salary Schedule (State Minimum)
Grievances School Board Members (Communication With)
IDEA School Marshals/Peace Officers
Immunity from Liability Searches of Students
Improper Relationships With Students Sexual Assault/Harassment
Inclusion and ARDS/IEP Teams Sexting Between Students
Instructional Days/Years Student Codes of Conduct
Instructional Material Replacement Student Conduct (Req'd Notice to Educators)
Job Postings Transfers, Reassignments
Leave Types