The provisions of Chapter 37 of the Texas Education Code authorize a teacher to remove a student from class when the student disrupts the learning environment.

Initial documentation

The law does not spell out the content of the documentation that is necessary to support removal. Common sense should prevail in this area; a document supporting removal should not describe much more than who, what, when, and where. In other words, the supporting documentation and the removal memo need not be elaborate, but they should provide the administration with the basic outline of the facts justifying the discretionary or mandatory action.

Downloadable legal form

Simply edit this form in the word processing program of your choice and print. Attach a description of the reason(s) for removal. (Samples are provided below.)


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Sample Notice Forms

Removing a Student From the Classroom

Removing Continuously Disruptive Student

Remove a Seriously Abusive Student

Mandatory Removal

Expelling a Student