4:45 p.m.


The influential Capitol Inside newsletter released its "Texas Lobby Power Rankings 2011" today, once again placing TCTA at the top of Texas teacher groups (TCTA achieved this distinction in the last two legislative session rankings as well). Editor/Publisher Mike Hailey, who compiles the list each year, writes, "The lobby teams that go to bat for local governments, educators, cops, prosecutors and other public employees and entities have wielded enormous influence at the Capitol without the luxury of the kind of cash that fuels private sector advocacy. But the public sector groups will confront one of their all-time greatest challenges in 2011 when the Legislature slashes the state budget in the face of a projected $27 billion shortfall."  


Hailey further notes that TCTA and other organizations "will be going to war to keep public schools from bearing the brunt of the budget ax." TCTA's experienced lobby team ranked above all three other statewide teacher groups and the Texas Association of School Boards.