The February 15-17 meeting of the Teacher Retirement System Board of Trustees is a  three-day "retreat" in Lubbock with a comprehensive agenda. The discussions on Thursday, Feb. 16, will be of particular interest to school employees, and the TRS Board and staff are providing an opportunity for viewers to submit questions live during the day to be answered during the meeting.

The topics for which questions will be allowed are the two studies required by the legislature in the most recent session: one on TRS-Care (retiree health insurance) and one on retirement benefits. TRS was specifically required to report to the legislature on the possible impact to the fund of changes in key aspects of the pension system, including retirement eligibility, the multiplier, and the structure of the system. These agenda items are expected to be considered early in the day on Thursday.

Thursday's agenda will also include consideration of potential plan changes and/or premium increases for TRS-ActiveCare health insurance.

Wednesday, Feb. 15, is devoted to an overview and details of TRS investment policies and practices, while Friday will include the Board's more traditional agenda of staff updates on agency operations.

The entire meeting can be viewed live or archived via the TRS website. The "Ask-A-Question" feature is explained here.