Professional Protection

"Thank you for your valuable time to explain everything clearly to me regarding pensions and some of my Social Security questions. While I don't plan on retiring, it's nice to know what the current rules are and have time to plan accordingly. Thank you again for replying so fast and professionally to me, and making everything so simple to understand."
Peter Shure, Victoria ISD

"Thank you for all your help this year and the past few years. It has been interesting and a learning experience. Almost daily I run across 2-3 or more people crying, or resigning. Thanks for giving me a security blanket so I am not one of the ones crying."
TCTA member

"As a campus instructional coordinator, I was not provided with a contract. After contacting an attorney at TCTA, not only do I have a contract, but so do 100 or so of my colleagues as a result of the grievance filed on my behalf. TCTA really provided me the support I needed as a professional."
Member in Dallas ISD

"I am thankful for TCTA and for attorneys who really CARE and go above and beyond to help those people who need it. Your tireless work and efforts protecting valuable teachers do not go unnoticed, and they have earned you immense GOOD KARMA! Without TCTA, I would not have known my rights and how to handle a potentially hopeless situation.​"
Courtney Wilkerson

"I appreciate the hard work you have put in for me. ... Thank you for what you do for all teachers."
Debbie Yates

"I regard my membership in TCTA for all these years to be very worthwhile, even though this is my first time using the legal department. I also know you advocate effectively for teachers to make the teaching profession more "humane" and I am grateful."
Patricia Fridye

"Thank you so much for all of your help and support. You ROCK!"
Valerie Nottage

"I have practiced school law for many years on behalf of Texas teachers, and I can tell you that TCTA is not just an association, but a family of caring, dedicated and experienced legal professionals. TCTA is the only choice in Texas, in my opinion."
John Shergold, attorney at law, Brownsville

"It’s not a matter of “if,” it’s “when” you’re going to need representation, and TCTA has the best representation for our teachers. It’s like auto insurance – you need to make sure that if that accident happens, you’re covered."
Teresa Koehler, Clear Creek ISD


"It is an honor to serve an organization that represents those who work with children — the classroom teachers. TCTA is the only professional teacher association in Texas."
Donna Corbin, Lubbock ISD

"There are so many reasons to join TCTA: good benefits, excellent attorneys, our lobbyists are wonderful; but the most important is that TCTA is your voice, and teachers need a voice now more than ever."
Cherie Bales, Denver City ISD

"TCTA has taught me how to be a positive advocate, not only on my campus but on the district level and on the state level."
Grace Mueller, San Marcos CISD


"One of my favorite things TCTA does is the eUpdate. I can just go to my computer and they’ve done all the work for me!"
Suzanne McCall, Slaton ISD

"I love the legislative updates. I enjoy The Classroom Teacher magazine. It gives me plenty of updates on education issues across the state, and TCTA has nine on-staff attorneys who are only one phone call away — a member doesn’t have to get permission, but can talk to them right away."
Sherry Miller, Killeen ISD

Cost-Saving Programs

"TCTA is a fine organization to belong to in so many ways."
Sherry Arisman

"Thank you, TCTA, for the awesome discount on hotels at! My amazing boyfriend and I will greatly enjoy our stay in Colorado to see the aspens change."
Jessica Hopf, Levelland ISD

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