The following was included in TCTA's 2017-18 Survival Guide, the ultimate reference tool for Texas educators, and is current as of September 2017 but is subject to change.

Partial Year of Service

An employee who is not retiring must work at least 90 days during the school year to receive a year of service credit. An exception is made for individuals in their final year before retirement; they can receive the year of credit for working the full fall semester, even if it is less than 90 days.

The “school year” for TRS purposes begins Sept. 1, so the 90-day count does not include any days worked prior to Sept. 1.

Purchase of Credit

Teachers can purchase different types of service credit in the retirement system, including:

(1)    Previously withdrawn credit from prior service in Texas
(2)    Out-of-state service (up to 15 years)
(3)    Military service (up to five years)
(4)    Credit for accumulated sick leave (one year of credit for 50 unused leave days)
(5)    Developmental leave (up to two years)
(6)    Work experience (for career/technology teachers only; up to two years)

There are limits on the aggregate amount of time purchased, and the cost of different types of service credit varies among individuals (TRS can provide assistance in calculating the cost). Purchased service credit counts toward the requirement to meet the Rule of 80 for TRS-Care eligibility.

A person with unreported service (including substitute service) must verify the service within five years of when it was rendered for it to be creditable.

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