Meredith Moriak, 2012-13 TCTA Silver Apple Media Award winnerMeredith Moriak
Education Reporter
Midland Reporter-Telegram

TCTA named Meredith Moriak, education reporter for the Midland Reporter-Telegram, as a recipient of its 2012-13 Silver Apple Media Award for excellence in education reporting. Moriak, who won in the category for print publications that have circulations of less than 50,000, was nominated by Midland CTA, a local affiliate of the statewide TCTA.

“Meredith has proven to be a friend of education in Midland with a wide array of reporting that spans district-wide issues,” the Midland CTA nomination noted. “She has been fair and objective in reporting and has consistently presented teachers in a very positive light.”

The awards committee, made up of TCTA members from across the state who are themselves Texas public school educators, considered not only the comments from Midland CTA but also several samples of Moriak’s recent work. They evaluated how well her articles promote understanding of teachers and Texas public schools and improve communication between educators and the community.

“Ms. Moriak gives a personal touch to articles about education,” says Grace Mueller, TCTA president-elect and chair of the awards committee. “Her articles show her vested interest in the education of students and the plight of teachers in Midland.”  

Moriak has been covering education for the Midland Reporter-Telegram since June 2011. Prior to that she served as editor-in-chief of The Oklahoma Daily and while studying journalism at the University of Oklahoma.

“As an education reporter, I have the opportunity to cover the business side of school districts as well the interesting things teachers and students are doing in the classroom,” Moriak says. “I thoroughly enjoy my job, being able to interact with students and teachers each day. Winning this award is a pleasant, unexpected surprise.”

TCTA honored Moriak and other award winners Jan. 24, 2013, at an awards banquet during the TCTA Convention in Austin. Watch video of Moriak being recognized at the banquet.