Changes in law made during the 2011 legislative session increased the costs of purchasing certain types of TRS service credit. The law provided a transition period to allow employees time to begin purchasing credit at the lower rates, if eligible, but that window closes Sept. 1, 2013.

If you are eligible to buy TRS credit for any of the following types of service, begin that process now to avoid paying the higher costs that will go into effect in September 2013:

  • withdrawn service (if you left employment for a period and took out your accumulated TRS contributions)
  • unreported service or compensation
  • substitute service (if you substitute-taught for at least 90 days in a school year)
  • out-of-state service
  • developmental leave

You must either make the payment in full or enter into an installment agreement with TRS by Aug. 31, 2013. Download the TRS Service Credit Brochure for details, including how costs are calculated, and call a TRS benefits counselor at 800-223-8778 for help with your specific situation.