Commissioner of Education Michael Williams reminded school districts Aug. 27, 2013, in a TEA press release that they must adhere to the provisions of SB 1474. The new law, initiated by TCTA and sponsored by Sen. Robert Duncan and Rep. Alma Allen, requires districts to obtain input from teachers and the community before adopting any major curriculum initiative, including CSCOPE.

SB 1474 requires districts to:

  • use an adoption process that includes teacher input
  • provide an opportunity to district employees to express opinions
  • inform the public during a public board meeting about any alternatives considered, and costs of the initiative
  • allow comment by members of the public and district employees at the board meeting

Under SB 1474, educators in districts considering the adoption of any curriculum management system should have the opportunity to provide input. TCTA members are encouraged to contact the TCTA Legal Department if these procedures are not being followed.

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