The State Board of Education's CSCOPE Ad Hoc Committee met Sept. 13, 2013, to hear testimony from the public on CSCOPE's social studies lesson plans. The committee is charged with reviewing only the CSCOPE lesson plans for social studies and with identifying a process for reviewing the plans. Though the topic has received much media attention, only 15 members of the public registered to testify.

Those who testified ranged from individuals concerned with the content of specific lessons to those, including teachers, who testified that the lessons could be modified to address content concerns without eliminating the lessons completely.  

The committee explained that this lesson review is unprecedented and a work in progress. The process the board is employing is similar to that used to write the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Ad Hoc Committee members have appointed experts and community members to various lesson review panels.

The review panels will examine the content of the lesson plans for both factual inaccuracy and evidence of bias. The panels are expected to finish their review of the lesson plans in fall 2013 and report the findings to the Ad Hoc Committee.

The committee acknowledged that it lacks the authority to take any action on the lesson plans but will make the reports on the lessons available to every Texas school district and campus.