Educators with comments on proposed commissioner’s rules that list the requirements currently enrolled high school students must meet to switch to the Foundation High School Program must submit them to by Oct. 28, 2013.

The proposed rules allow students currently enrolled in high school (those who entered high school prior to 2014-15) to switch to the Foundation program from one of the three current three graduation plans if they meet certain requirements.

Read the full text of the proposed transition rules.

Required credits/course options

The proposed rules include lists of specific courses that current high school students may take to earn the following credits, which are required to graduate under the transitional Foundation program:

Subject Credits
English Language Arts 4
Math 3
Science 3
Social Studies 3
Languages Other than English 2
Physical Education 1
Fine Arts 1
Electives 5
Speech  ½










With the one-half credit of speech, the total number of credits required to graduate under the transitional Foundation plan is 22 and one-half.

The speech requirement was one advocated for at a Sept. 17 public hearing by educators including TCTA District 16 Director Mellessa Denny, a speech and debate teacher at Amarillo High School who serves as vice president-elect of the Texas Speech Communication Association.

Details released on specifics of 2014-15 implementation of Foundation program

In related news, the Texas Education Agency released draft rules Oct. 17 that provide the specifics of the Foundation program as it will be implemented in 2014-15, including the courses required for each of the program’s endorsement areas and the requirements students must meet to earn a distinguished level of achievement. Learn more.