In late May 2014, TEA posted new statewide standards for Texas public school principals with an effective date of June 8, 2014.

TCTA was heavily involved in the process of development of these standards, due to the importance to teachers of quality leadership in schools. When the standards were posted for public comment in December 2013, TCTA provided feedback that resulted in several changes to the standards that TCTA considers improvements for Texas public schools and educators.

TCTA-suggested changes

Among the changes was the inclusion of items related to principals creating a safe atmosphere (both physically and socially/emotionally) for staff and students as well as overseeing an orderly environment, while maintaining expectations for student behavior.

Additionally, TCTA was successful in our recommendations to change the wording on items that would otherwise be considered to be micromanaging or punitive, such as changing "daily" monitoring of instruction to "routine," as well as "rating" of school staff effectiveness to "evaluating."

TCTA was also successful in advocating for the removal of an item requiring the excessive "daily review of teacher lesson plans."

Finally, at TCTA's suggestion, the standards were changed to focus on the broader concept of "student learning" rather than on "student performance."

These final standards will serve as the foundational standards to which the recently developed principal evaluation system will be aligned.