In October 2014, TEA selected six TCTA members to represent their profession in stakeholder groups that will review and recommend changes to state law relating to various types of educator certificates.

TCTA District 17 Director Dianna Jackson, a Lubbock-Cooper ISD librarian, and TCTA Personal Services Committee Chair Cristal Isaacks, a Levelland ISD librarian, were selected to serve on the Librarian Certificate Stakeholder Committee. The group will review state law relating to the teaching experience prerequisite for librarians and potentially recommend rule revisions to the State Board for Educator Certification.
2014-15 TCTA State President Terrill Q. Littlejohn, a fourth-grade teacher in Midland ISD, and TCTA Immediate Past-President Grace Mueller, a middle-school language arts teacher in San Marcos CISD, will represent teachers on the Principal Certificate Stakeholder Committee. Mueller also serves on the TRS Retirees Advisory Committee and the TEA Mentoring Advisory Committee.
TCTA District 14 Director Charlotte Clifton and Shelby Patrick, both former TCTA presidents, were selected to serve on the Superintendent Certificate Stakeholder Committee. Clifton teaches 11th-grade English in Snyder ISD, and Patrick tutors Wichita Falls elementary students in science.

Other TCTA representatives on statewide committees in 2014


Garcia McCall
TCTA Curriculum & Instruction Committee Chair Suzanne Garcia McCall, a fourth-grade science teacher in Slaton ISD (and the 2015 Region 17 Elementary Teacher of the Year), serves as the secretary of the State Board for Educator Certification and on the TEA Science Academic Distinction Committee.
TCTA President-Elect Teresa Koehler, an eighth-grade inclusion/resource special education teacher in Clear Creek ISD, serves on the TEA Mentoring Advisory Committee and on the Texas Continuous Improvement Steering Committee.
Former TCTA President Jeanna Miller, an educational diagnostician with the Eastern Panhandle SSA, and former TCTA District 6 Director/current Crockett CTA Vice-President Jerry Mullins, an educational diagnostician with Houston-Trinity County Shared Services, serve on the Texas Continuous Improvement Steering Committee.
TCTA District 10 Coordinating Council President Twila Read, a sixth-grade social studies teacher in Grand Prairie ISD, serves on the TEA Social Studies Distinction Committee.
Dolores Ramirez, an elementary school teacher in San Benito CISD, and Nanette Sissney, a counselor in Whitesboro ISD, serve on the TRS Board of Trustees. Both educators are former TCTA state presidents.
TCTA Director of Professional Development and Advocacy Holly Eaton serves on the TEA Teacher Standards Steering Committee, and TCTA Executive Director/General Counsel Jeri Stone serves on the TEA Accountability Policy Advisory Committee.