TCTA testified before the Texas Senate Education Committee Nov. 20, 2014, during a hearing that focused on school choice issues.

TCTA lobbyist Lindsay Gustafson noted several problems with the first school in the United States to be fully chartered under a parent trigger law and provided the committee with an article outlining those problems

“Only one school currently exists under this type of legislation, and it comes along with a lot of the same improprieties we have seen at charter schools that had to be closed,” Gustafson testified. “It can be argued that the first and only parent-trigger has been a failure.”

TCTA’s views on private school vouchers were also presented to the committee in testimony by the Coalition for Public Schools, of which TCTA is a member.

The hearing was held in response to an interim charge that required the committee to:

  • conduct a comprehensive review of school choice programs in other states
  • examine the impact of education tax credits and taxpayer savings grants on the state budget
  • review the state’s parent trigger and Public Education Grant program statutes to identify potential improvements