A student was injured during the district’s summer athletic program. The parents filed a grievance, requesting that the student be excused from performing a “jump training” exercise and that they be compensated for medical bills, attorney's fees, and pain and suffering. At Level I, the principal granted the request for the student to be excused from jump training, but denied the request for money claims. The parents filed an appeal and added additional requests that an employee of the district be terminated for allegedly bullying their child and that their child be returned to the athletic program. The district denied these requests and the parents appealed to the commissioner of education. They also withdrew their child from the district.

The commissioner of education upheld the decision of the school district to deny the grievance. Specifically, he found that the parents’ requests were moot, since the child no longer attended school at the district. The commissioner also found that he did not have the authority to award the monetary claims the parents were requesting and that he could not order a school district to terminate an employee.