In yet another attempt to institute test-based teacher evaluation as a key measure for education accountability, the U.S. Department of Education released proposed revisions to Title II of the Higher Education Act that would require states to assess all teacher preparation programs annually, and to rate them based in large part on gains in test scores of their graduates’ students.

TCTA submitted comments opposing the proposal, arguing that its premise is faulty because the overwhelming weight of the research does not support the use of student growth on standardized tests as a valid measure of teacher effectiveness.

TCTA also asserted that the Secretary of Education’s expansive proposal exceeded his statutory authority, and would result in unduly burdening local school districts with producing data, including:

  • how long graduates of a given program are employed;
  • whether they are employed in the grade level, span, and subject area for which they were prepared, and/or;
  • whether their employment was terminated within five years of graduating from the program, and why it was terminated.

The deadline for submitting comments was February 2, 2015. USDE will review the comments and post final regulations once the comment review process is completed. TCTA will keep members apprised of developments.