As adopted by the TCTA Representative Assembly, June 2014. NOTE: As has been our practice, the TCTA leadership and staff may exercise the flexibility to revise legislative positions as needed to cooperate and negotiate in the best interest of the membership.

School Finance

  • Oppose constitutional amendments that would weaken current equity standards
  • Support any reasonable means of raising revenue to benefit public education
  • Support disclosure of real estate sale prices
  • Support measures to ensure that increased revenue from property value growth benefits public schools
  • Support an increased funding weight for mainstreamed students
  • Support the reinstatement of a formula-based equitable system
  • Support adequate facilities funding
  • To the extent effective distance or online learning programs are funded, support a level of funding that is reasonable and proportionate to actual costs incurred


  • Support retention of the state minimum salary schedule and its extension beyond step 20
  • Support increasing teacher salaries, through a structured approach, to levels necessary to recruit and retain appropriately certified teachers
  • Support proposals for teacher salary increases that recognize the value of experience and provide additional career potential
  • Support measures encouraging districts to pay and maintain local supplements
  • Support pay at an individual daily rate for any work beyond the statutorily required minimum days
  • Support returning speech therapists and diagnosticians to the salary schedule

Health Insurance

  • Support increased funding for the school employee health insurance program to a level at least equal to that provided to state employees, and/or combining the two systems
  • Support restructuring and adequately funding TRS-Care to ensure solvency of the retiree health insurance program

Teacher Retirement System

  • Oppose any effort to restructure the system as a defined contribution (or hybrid), rather than a defined benefit, program
  • Support maintenance of and enhancements to retirement and health insurance benefits
  • Support an increase in the TRS multiplier for more experienced teachers
  • Support a mechanism allowing the TRS Board of Directors to approve ad hoc increases for retirees when market performance exceeds expectations
  • Support full funding for TRS credit earned by accumulated sick leave

Other Benefits and Working Conditions

  • Support development and implementation of a salary schedule for support personnel
  • Seek statutory improvements in other benefits and working conditions for support personnel
  • Support measures to limit the amount of time required for meetings or other noninstructional activities outside of the regular school day
  • Oppose the elimination or weakening of statutorily provided employee benefits, e.g., duty-free lunch and conference periods
  • Support incentives for school districts to offer child care to district employees and student parents

The Teaching Profession

  • Oppose the use of student test performance for compensation, appraisals and employment decisions
  • Support measures to preserve and expand teacher disciplinary authority
  • Oppose the involuntary transfer of teachers to subjects for which they are not certified, the placement of unqualified individuals in teaching positions, and any weakening of certification standards
  • Support a requirement that districts grant compensatory time for training activities occurring during non-compensated time
  • Support a requirement that staff development (other than compensatory time) take place during regular hours of required service
  • Support a requirement that some staff development be self-selected
  • Support measures to enhance procedural protections for school employees accused of misconduct

Students/Class Sizes

  • Oppose efforts to weaken current class-size statutes
  • Support expansion of class-size caps to grade 5
  • Support a requirement that any pre-kindergarten program receiving state funds must comply with appropriate class-size caps
  • Support the establishment in state law of a definition of financial exigency to be used to determine district eligibility for waiver of elementary class-size caps
  • Support the use of distance learning for students with persistent disciplinary issues
  • Support the required use of a series of progressive disciplinary measures when a teacher sends a student to the principal or designee
  • Support measures to enable teachers to receive support to meet the needs of special needs students included in the classroom
  • Support appropriate state funding for alternative education programs
  • Support a repeal of the provision that AEP employees are not entitled to benefits and protections of state law
  • Support continuation of parental notification requirements regarding class-size waivers


  • Support reasonable limitations and reduced emphasis on mandatory student testing to assess progress and identify needs without disrupting learning
  • Support academic freedom with regard to teaching methodologies
  • Support measures that ensure a well-rounded education for all students

Governance/Site-Based Decision Making

  • Oppose harmful governance models leading to loss of legal protections for parents, teachers, students and/or taxpayers
  • Support increased authority for SBDM committees at the district and campus levels, with appropriate sanctions for non-compliance
  • Support restoration of teacher workdays unless waived by the SBDM committee

District Issues

  • Support a broad range of education choices within the public school system with appropriate oversight
  • Support legislative proposals that would prohibit exclusive consultation arrangements
  • Support the ability of citizens to recall school board members under specified circumstances
  • Oppose any legislation that would outlaw “unfunded mandates” in the absence of due consideration and a clear articulation of the components of what is currently being funded (e.g., class-size limits, employee salaries)

Charter Schools/Vouchers

  • Oppose the indiscriminate expansion of charter schools without appropriate monitoring and enforcement mechanisms in place
  • Support the elimination of alternative accountability systems for all schools other than dropout recovery programs
  • Oppose any effort to use public funds to support private schools

Parental Rights

  • Support efforts to improve appropriate parental involvement in the schools


  • Support a provision that state agencies implementing federal programs be granted rule-making authority under the Texas Administrative Procedures Act
  • Support automatic penalties for failure to comply with valid open records requests
  • Support extension of appraisal confidentiality statutes to other school professionals