TCTA's Virtual Convention was held Friday, Feb. 26, and Saturday, Feb. 27, with additional continuing professional education opportunities on Saturday, March 6.

The full schedule with CPE session descriptions and presenter bios are below. If you missed anything, videos from the CPE sessions will be available to view online by March 21 in the members-only portal of TCTA's website.

DCC Meetings | 5:15 p.m. Friday, Feb. 26

According to TCTA Bylaws, odd-numbered districts must elect new directors for two-year terms that begin June 1, 2021. We encourage District Coordinating Councils to meet and hold these elections before convention, but we will open Zoom rooms at 5:15 p.m. Friday, Feb. 26, so DCCs can meet to hold elections or discuss any other regional business before the RA convenes.

TCTA's Representative Assembly convenes at 6 p.m. Friday, Feb. 26.

Delegates will discuss association business, elect TCTA’s state leaders and vote on any governance amendments during this session, which will last about two hours. (Keep scrolling or click here for more information about candidates.)


Join us on Saturday, Feb. 27, for three interactive sessions and earn up to 4.5 hours of CPE credit.

SESSION 1: 10:30 a.m. to noon | Earn 1.5 hours of CPE

Design & Plan for Hybrid Learning, presented by Monica Martinez, M.Ed., Global Educational Speaker and Consultant, Google Cloud Partner | Google Certified Innovator and Trainer

During this session, we will explore tools and ideas for teaching and learning in a hybrid learning environment. We will also discuss how cloud-based collaborative work can help reduce teacher workload.

Monica Isabel Martinez is a global educational technology speaker and consultant. She has experience delivering professional development (while working with public, private, and international schools), as well as teaching students (PreK-higher ed). Monica has a master’s degree in Educational Technology, is a published author, graphics designer and photographer. As the CEO of mPower Professional Learning, her most recent project is the Young Latina Leaders program where she’s working on inspiring and empowering young Latinas ages 12-25 through events and workshops on building confidence, leadership skills and getting support for going to 4-year universities. This work extends to working with parents and educators on how they can support their Latina community at school and at home. You can learn more about this project at

SESSION 2: 1 to 2:30 p.m. | Earn 1.5 hours of CPE

Inspired Educator, Engaged and Connected Learner: Learner-centered Engagement Techniques for Hybrid and Remote Learning Involving Experiential, Brain-Based Approaches to Integrate Academic and Social-Emotional Learning, Build Community, and Create Lasting Meaningful Lessons, presented by Jen Stanchfield, MS, Experiential Tools

Enliven hybrid, remote, and physically distant academic, training, and social-emotional content delivery and assessment with active, learner-centered engagement techniques to enhance involvement, reflection and retention for participants of all ages. Gain practical methods, creative inspiration, and positive connections.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the highly interactive nature of this session, this presentation will be limited to the first 100 attendees. For those registrants unable to access the presentation once capacity is exceeded, a video of the presentation will be available to view online by March 15.

Jen Stanchfield works with schools worldwide to increase meaningful engagement, integration of social-emotional learning with academic content, and community building in the classroom and beyond. Jen's depth of experience, creativity, and knowledge of educational theory and practice is evident in her innovative yet practical workshops and publications in which she incorporates the art of teaching and facilitation with neuroscience and pedagogical research. Jen has worked as a teacher, a clinician in mental health treatment centers for children and adolescents, and in professional development and organizational teambuilding. Jen earned her master’s degree in Experiential Education at Minnesota State University and continues to pursue the latest research on pedagogy and the emerging field of educational neuroscience. Through these experiences, she has developed an extensive repertoire of evidence-informed experiential teaching techniques, tools, and strategies she brings to her engaging and informative workshops, publications, and teaching resources. Jen is author of Tips and Tools for The Art of Experiential Group Facilitation, and Inspired Educator, Inspired Learner: Experiential, Brain-Based Activities and Strategies to Engage, Motivate, Build Community and Create Lasting Lessons. She is the creator and regular contributor to the Inspired Educator Blog at

SESSION 3: 3 to 4:30 p.m. | Earn 1.5 hours of CPE

Hollywood vs. Science, presented by TCTA member and 2013-14 Innovator of the Year Joy Lin, Austin ISD

In this class, we will discuss popular Marvel/DC movies and the real-life scientific implications behind them to gain student interest in science. For instance, Conservation of Mass tells us that when Ant Man shrinks down to the size of an ant, he'd still be 180 pounds, so he'd instantly squish any ant that he tries to ride. Also, since Pressure=Force/Area, he would sink into most surfaces since he is applying 180 pounds of force on the area of a pinpoint.

Joy Lin matriculated at the University of Texas at Austin when she was 15 and earned a B.S. in Biochemistry, a B.S. in Chemistry, and a B.A. in Biology. Her series of four science books, Superpower Science, was published by Hachette in the UK and Australia and will soon be available in the U.S. via Barron’s. She won TCTA's Innovator of the Year award in 2014, was named one of 18 Most Inspirational Educators in the U.S. by, and won the “Lessons Worth Sharing” National Contest by Kohl’s Cares. Joy’s TED-Ed videos have 13 million views. Joy is an internationally recognized screenwriter and filmmaker who has won over 3 dozen international/domestic screenwriting/filmmaking awards. She is also a stand-up comic who has been invited to speak twice at the San Diego Comic Con, the largest comics convention in the U.S., and was a quarter-finalist in Funniest in South Texas stand-up comedy competition. Most recently, Joy's 2020 TED Talk "Using Hollywood to Get Kids Interested in Science" was uploaded onto the TED website.

Join us on Saturday, March 6, for three interactive sessions and earn up to 4.5 hours of CPE credit. 

SESSION 1: 10:30 a.m. to noon | Earn 1.5 hours of CPE

Legislative/Current Events Update, presented by members of TCTA’s lobby team

Join the TCTA lobby team as they run through the good, bad, and ugly of the 87th Legislative Session. Learn more about TCTA’s priorities, how we’re fighting for you, and what lies ahead as lawmakers begin working in earnest on the proposals that will affect your classroom and your profession.

SESSION 2: 1 to 2:30 p.m. | Earn 1.5 hours of CPE

National Board Certification Recognition and Compensation, presented by TCTA member and National Board-certified science teacher David Walker, Austin ISD

Hear from a TCTA member who holds national board certification talk about the process he underwent to obtain the certification; holding national board certification earns an automatic “Recognized” designation under the Teacher Incentive Allotment program, generating funds in the range of $3,000 to $9,000 for the NBCT’s district (the total amount depends on the socioeconomic status of the students and the campus’ rural status). 

David Walker is a National Board-certified teacher at LASA High School, a public magnet school in Austin. David has worked at LASA for the past 11 years, where he has taught geobiology and organic chemistry and coached the school’s Science Olympiad team. His favorite thing about teaching is making the natural world more interesting for his students. Since beginning his career in education, David has participated in field expeditions and research in Antarctica, the Arctic, the Gulf of Mexico, and Baja California Sur. This work has included laboratory research in field biology, organic chemistry, and aquatic geochemistry. He loves using these field and research experiences to create activities and projects for his classes. (Click here to read The Classroom Teacher Spring 2020 article about his adventures in the Arctic.)

SESSION 3: 3 to 4:30 p.m. | Earn 1.5 hours of CPE

Legal Presentation, presented by members of TCTA’s legal team

Your TCTA attorneys discuss the effects of COVID-19 on student performance and employee rights. They will also address contracts and appraisals and then take questions on issues of interest to TCTA members.

Elections & TCTA Business

Delegates at the Virtual Convention will elect TCTA’s state leaders and vote on any TCTA governance amendments. Statewide offices open for election this year include:

  • President-elect
  • Governance Committee Chair
  • Legislation Committee Chair
  • Membership Committee Chair
  • Professional Rights & Responsibilities Committee chair
  • Curriculum & Instruction Committee Chair (one-year term to fill a vacancy)

Qualifications and Consent Forms for candidates for statewide TCTA office were due by Nov. 28, 2020, to be on the official ballot. Nominations also will be accepted from the floor during the first business meeting of the Representative Assembly on Feb. 26, 2021 (individuals nominated from the floor will not be on the printed ballot but will be write-in candidates). For more information about qualifications, click here.

The following candidates filed by Nov. 28 and will appear on the ballot:

  • Eleanore Malone, President-elect
  • Jennifer Hutchinson, Governance Chair
  • Cristal Isaacks, Legislation Chair
  • Debra Helbert, Membership Chair
  • Sharron Wood, Professional Rights & Responsibilities Chair
  • Joyce McCurdy, Curriculum & Instruction Chair

Click here to learn more about them and why they want to serve on TCTA's Executive Board. CLICK HERE FOR ELECTION RESULTS.


Local association presidents were mailed packets containing their projected delegate counts and rebate information in December. If you're in a local CTA and would like to be a delegate, please contact your local president. If you have questions, call the Membership Department at 888-879-8282 or email

Delegates-at-Large and Student Delegates

TCTA Active members who teach in school districts with no TCTA local affiliate may serve as voting delegates to the 2021 Representative Assembly. Allocation is made on the basis of one delegate per district for each 50 Active members-at-large (or major fraction thereof).

Student members may serve as nonvoting delegates, and delegate status is allocated on the basis of one delegate for each 50 student members (or major fraction thereof).

Active-level members who teach in school districts without a TCTA local affiliate who are interested in serving as delegates-at-large and student members who are interested in serving as nonvoting student delegates may submit their names to be included in a random drawing that will determine who fills the available delegate spots. Names of potential delegates-at-large and student delegates must have been submitted in writing by Dec. 28, 2020, to:

TCTA Executive Director
PO Box 1489
Austin TX 78767-1489
Fax: 512-469-9527

Governance Amendments

Amendments to the TCTA Constitution or Bylaws had to be submitted in writing by Nov. 28, 2020, to qualify for a lower voting percentage for adoption; however, amendments may be submitted during the Representative Assembly in February and will require a higher voting majority to pass. The maker must distribute copies of any amendments submitted from the RA floor to all delegates. Amendments must be submitted to:

TCTA Executive Director
PO Box 1489
Austin TX 78767-1489
Fax: 512-469-9527