Judging from the response to our recent survey, TCTA members have plenty to say about health insurance. TCTA will participate on a panel of education associations during the TRS Health Care Town Hall on Thursday, Oct. 22. We'll be representing your interests before the TRS Board, but if you'd like to ask a question about your health care as an active employee or current or future TRS retiree, here's your chance.

The meeting will begin at 8:30 a.m. at the TRS offices in Austin (1000 Red River Drive) and TRS is providing opportunities to submit questions electronically before and during the meeting. TRS asks participants not to submit questions regarding personal health situations. 

The following information is provided by TRS, and more information will be available on the TRS website. As most teachers will be unable to watch the meeting live, TRS will make the video available on its website later for viewing on demand.


Morning session:

  • Health care environment panel
  • Strategies for cost containment and consumerism panel
  • Q&A session on health care environment and consumerism (taking written questions from the town hall audience and online)

Afternoon session:

  • TRS-Care panel
  • TRS-ActiveCare panel
  • Stakeholder association panel
  • Q&A session on TRS-Care and ActiveCare (taking written questions from the town hall audience and online)


  • Audience members in attendance can submit questions in writing at the meeting or by Twitter or Facebook.
  • Those not in attendance can submit questions
    • Online through a link on the TRS website.
    • Via Twitter at @trsoftexas (use #trscare for TRS-Care questions, #trsactivecare for TRS-ActiveCare questions; and #trstownhall for all other questions).
    • Via Facebook by commenting directly to the TRS Health Care Town Hall post.

TRS will publish FAQs on the TRS website to address questions not answered during the Q&A.