TCTA participated in a panel at the TRS Health Care Town Hall Thursday, Oct. 22. TCTA’s Ann Fickel spoke about the critical need for increased state funding, and provided information to the Board of Trustees showing that across the country, the majority of employers provide much higher contributions toward both employee-only and family coverage than school employees receive in Texas. Fickel's testimony can be viewed here.

The daylong meeting included other panels of experts from the health care and insurance industries who discussed the factors that have continued to drive up costs. While some school districts increased their local contributions to help relieve the burden of rising premiums, the state has not changed its contribution of $75 per month since the statewide health insurance program was created nearly 15 years ago.

The attachment below is a chart comparing the premiums for the three levels of ActiveCare, the state employee plan, and the national averages for the public and private sector as compiled by the Kaiser Foundation in its annual report, along with the percentages contributed by employers and employees. The full summary of the Kaiser study is available here.



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