A teacher was informed by the superintendent that he intended to recommend to the school board that the teacher’s contract not be renewed. The superintendent offered the teacher a contract for the upcoming school year if the teacher would agree to resign at the end of that year. The teacher agreed and returned to work the following year. At the end of that school year, the teacher filed a grievance, alleging that she was entitled to a contract for the coming year because the school board had not nonrenewed her contract. She further argued that her resignation should be disregarded because it was coerced. She argued that because her resignation was coerced, the contract was not properly ended. The board of trustees denied the grievance and the teacher appealed to the commissioner of education.

The commissioner denied the teacher’s appeal. The teacher obtained the full benefit of the agreement she entered into because the district employed her for a full additional year. Therefore, her resignation was not coerced and was valid.