The TRS board and staff are considering whether to put up the ActiveCare plan administration contract for bid in January. Under normal circumstances, the contract would be extended at this point, after only two years of operation, but Aetna experienced some serious problems this fall that have eroded confidence in the company.

A number of school districts found that enrollment in ActiveCare was being mishandled, in large part due to problems with a contractor (WellSystems). The board has not been fully satisfied that the problems were rectified thoroughly and quickly, and began to consider whether Aetna should continue to administer the program. In a December board meeting, trustees instructed TRS Executive Director Brian Guthrie to continue to work with Aetna on negotiations for future years; if he is not satisfied with additional benefits and concessions that could be garnered through such negotiations by Dec. 18, the staff will send out a “Request For Proposal,” which will allow other companies to vie for the contract.

If the contract is put up for bid, the TRS board could choose to continue with Aetna or to select a different administrator, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Care or another major company large enough to administer the plan. TCTA will notify our members as such decisions are being considered and finalized.