A school district proposed the nonrenewal of a teacher’s contract. The teacher requested a hearing regarding the proposed nonrenewal of her contract, and a hearing examiner was assigned by TEA to consider the case. At the hearing, the district introduced evidence that the teacher had been employed by the district for two years. During her first year of employment, she was a kindergarten teacher; during her second year, she was taught first grade. The district said she was an excellent kindergarten teacher. However, the district said she had difficulties during her second year of employment. She was placed on several intervention plans, which she failed to complete. She was absent 23.5 days and tardy 61 times during the school year. She was late to or failed to attend learning community meetings. She failed to comply with a directive when she left students unsupervised. She did not post grades in a timely manner. These issues were documented in written reprimands and in her observation reports.

After considering the evidence presented at the hearing, the hearing examiner found that there was sufficient grounds to nonrenew the teacher’s contract and recommended that the contract be nonrenewed.