TCTA testified March 29, 2016, in a joint hearing before the Senate Higher Education and Education committees on the topic of teacher retention. 

The committees met to consider several of the interim charges they had been assigned, including one to study teacher shortage and retention issues in Texas, in particular those related to English Language Learner, special education, and STEM educators across the state; as well as to evaluate educator preparation programs to determine if these programs are preparing educators for the rigors of the 21st century classroom.   

In testimony, TCTA urged the committee to comprehensively address teacher retention issues along the entire teacher pipeline continuum, starting with funding loan repayment programs for would-be teachers seeking shortage area teacher certification, to a comprehensive statewide new teacher induction program, as well as to pay particular attention to addressing consistently identified shortcomings in teacher working conditions, including low salaries, student discipline problems, inadequate resources and classroom supplies, ineffective school leadership, and lack of faculty input into school decision-making. The committees are charged with making recommendations for the upcoming 2017 legislative session to address these issues.