The election date for runoffs from the March primary is Tuesday, May 24. Voter turnout is typically extremely low in runoff elections, so your vote can really make a difference. Don’t miss this opportunity to have an impact on the people who will be representing you in Austin!

Northeast Texas has very significant Republican runoff elections for State Board of Education District 9 (Keven Ellis vs. Mary Lou Bruner) and Senate District 1 (Rep. David Simpson vs. Rep. Bryan Hughes). An open Senate seat in Central/West Texas has a Republican runoff for Senate District 24 (Rep. Susan King vs. Dawn Buckingham). A handful of House seats also have primary runoff elections.

You can vote in a primary runoff if you are a registered voter and (a) voted in that party’s primary, or (b) did not vote in a primary. You cannot, for example, vote in the Democratic primary and then vote in the Republican primary runoff.

TCTA does not endorse candidates, but we urge you to do your homework — check out your local newspaper endorsements and talk to other educators — and head to the polls on Tuesday.