The TRS Board of Trustees adopted premium rates and plan changes for TRS ActiveCare, the TRS ActiveCare HMOs, and TRS-Care. 

ActiveCare rates will increase from 0 to 5 percent, depending on the coverage selected: rates for ActiveCare HD-1, the lowest level of coverage will not increase; ActiveCare Select premiums will increase by 2.3 percent, and ActiveCare 2 rates will go up by 5 percent. Click on the links below for more details:

Though the increases are modest compared to those of recent years, every new rise in rates is a blow to school employees who are absorbing the increases with salaries that are not rising proportionately.

The chief problem – beyond the health care cost woes that plague the entire country – is the lack of increased contributions from the state.

Texas contributes only $75 per employee, per month, toward school employee health insurance, and the state requires districts to pay an additional $150 per employee, per month. Many districts have chosen to pay more than that mandated minimum over the years, but few if any have kept pace with the rapidly increasing premiums.

School employees must make their legislators aware of the need for increased funding from the state. TCTA testifies to this issue at every opportunity, and we have discussed the issue in individual meetings with legislators, but nothing is as powerful as direct communication from voters.

State leaders are already warning that funding will be tight next session. Consistent and persistent communications from constituents will be needed to convince lawmakers that action must be taken this session.