TCTA was successful in persuading the Texas Education Agency to make changes in its proposed rules related to school interventions and sanctions. The final version incorporates our suggestions to provide for stakeholders to be notified of a campus’s unacceptable rating after two consecutive years, and to give input in the development of a campus turnaround plan. TEA developed the rules in response to HB 1842, passed in 2015, which provided a new intervention and sanction plan for struggling schools. 

TCTA's comments pointed out that in the more extreme situations in which a school is required to contract with an outside entity for alternative management, the rules should clarify that such a contract cannot exceed five years, and that if a campus continues to underperform for two consecutive years after the managing entity assumes management of the campus, the commissioner must cancel the contract. TEA agreed and included the language in the rules. 

TCTA also recommended that the rules clarify the importance of the campus intervention team in conducting a needs assessment of a struggling campus, and assisting in the development of a campus targeted improvement plan and campus turnaround plan. TEA agreed and revised the rules accordingly.

The final rules become effective Nov. 17, 2016.