TCTA will offer members up to 7.25 hours of continuing professional education credits during the 2017 Annual Convention on Feb. 2-3 in Austin.

We're offering FIVE CPE breakout sessions (in addition to our Capitol briefing and the keynote address from Education Commissioner Mike Morath, which also can earn you CPE credit). Read the descriptions below to help you make your choices.

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Session 1: 1:30 to 2:45 p.m. Feb. 2 (choose one)

Planting the Restorative Seed in Your Classroom Behavior Management Practices 

1.25 hours CPE | Cost: $10 

Presented by: Kevin Curtis/Texas Educators for Restorative Practices 

The use of Restorative Practices is a modern approach to managing student behavior that is gaining traction across Texas. Educators are looking for effective ways to improve student behaviors and build relationships with millennial learners, while maintaining an environment focused on teaching and learning. Join Kevin Curtis, former Restorative Discipline Coordinator/ Assistant Principal at Ed White Middle School in San Antonio, for real world application of this model of student behavior management. Curtis will provide specific strategies and best practices for bringing restorative practices to reality in your classroom. 

Click here for a copy of the presentation.

Get your Google On: Google Tools from A – Z+ 

1.25 hours CPE | Cost: $10 

Presented by: Monica Martinez/ Regional Director U.S. and Latin America, EdTechTeam/Google Education Trainer and Administrator 

Just when you think you've covered the Google suite of apps, one more tool emerges. Join Monica Martinez in this fast-paced session as she shares more great free Google unknown gems. Attendees will walk away with an extensive list of tools that are easy to set up and use in your classrooms today.

Session 2: 8 to 8:45 a.m. Feb. 3 (choose one)

Maximizing Student Engagement 

0.75 hour CPE | Cost: FREE 

Presented by: Joan Tolle BBA and Terrie Morrow M.Ed / Education Consultants 

Are you stressed? Join this session for a fun, interactive approach to maximizing student engagement, through a variety of modalities to reach a wide range of student learning populations. Learn how to make student interaction and classroom instruction a positive, less stressful experience for all. 

Apply Pressure Here (Membership Session)

Cost: FREE 

Presented by: Julia Swope and TCTA Membership Department 

The TCTA Membership Department will walk you through the nuts and bolts of recruitment, leadership, local and regional structures, and more, with a focus on wh

Session 3: 8:45 to 10 a.m. Feb. 3 (choose one)

T-TESS Implementation 

1.25 hours CPE | Cost: $10 

Presented by: Lauralee Pankonien / Senior Coordinator, Educator Quality Region 13 Education Service Center and Dr. Lori Einfalt / Education Consultant

Learn from a state T-TESS training coordinator what T-TESS is all about and how it is different from the former state system, PDAS. An orientation will be provided via a guided tour of, the official website for the new state teacher evaluation system. Attendees will be introduced to the major components of the system, including video illustrations, templates, guidance documents, and training modules. Particular attention will focus on understanding the T-TESS rubric and scoring. Pankonien has been integrally involved in the piloting of T-TESS and the training of appraisers for the last two years, and will help you learn what to expect as you embark on this new system of continuous professional growth. 

Legislative Q&A 

1.25 hours CPE | Cost: $10 

Presented by: TCTA lobby team 

The TCTA lobby team will cover major issues not addressed in the Capitol visit briefing, make some predictions for the 2017 legislative session, and take audience questions.

Session 4: 10:15 to 11:30 a.m. Feb. 3 (choose one)

T-TESS Implementation 

1.25 hours CPE | Cost: $10 

Repeat of Session 3 presentation by Lauraleee Pankonien and Dr. Lori Einfalt (see description above). 

Learning Strategies for Today’s Diverse Learners 

1.25 hours CPE | Cost: $10 

Presented by: Virginia Copeland and Robin McCutcheon / Stetson and Associates 

This highly interactive session will address the opportunity to bring learning within the reach of not only special education students, but all learners in today’s diverse classrooms. The session will provide a framework for designing rich, activity-based lessons that conform to the grade level curriculum standards, and a process for making individual student decisions so the lesson can be accessible to all learners. Participants will experience practices to identify learner characteristics and examine a bank of high yield strategies that promote the engagement of every learner. Each participant will leave with new knowledge and new skills to enhance student success.

Session 5: 1 to 2:15 p.m. Feb. 3 (choose one)

T-TESS Legal Session 

1.25 hours CPE | Cost: FREE 

Presented by: Dohn Larson and TCTA attorneys 

TCTA lawyers will focus on T-TESS in this legal session, covering major changes from PDAS, problem areas that have arisen so far, and practical tips. 

Legal Q&A 

1.25 hours CPE | Cost: FREE 

Presented by: TCTA attorneys 

TCTA lawyers will cover other current topics, from social media interactions and mandatory reporting to what you need to know about your teacher contract. There will be time for audience questions.