Fourteen teachers were employed by the La Marque Independent School District under term contracts. La Marque ISD was under the control of a Board of Managers due to substandard academic and financial accountability ratings. On June 20, 2016, the Board of Managers voted to nonrenew the teachers’ term contracts. On July 1, 2016, La Marque ISD had its accreditation revoked and was closed by the Texas Education Agency. Its territory was annexed to Texas City ISD.

The teachers filed an appeal of the nonrenewal of their contracts to the commissioner of education. They argued that their contracts had been unlawfully nonrenewed and that Texas City ISD was required to honor those contracts, since La Marque ISD had been closed. The commissioner disagreed.

When a school district is closed and annexed to a different school district, the law does not require the annexing school district to honor the term contract obligations of the closed school district. This is because the law does not transfer contractual obligations from an annexed district to an annexing district.

Even if it did, in this case, the teachers’ contracts were properly nonrenewed because when the school district was closed, this action can be considered a program change that allows for the nonrenewal of the teachers’ contracts. Because La Marque ISD no longer exists, the teachers could not pursue an appeal of the nonrenewal of their contracts. Because Texas City ISD never agreed to employ the teachers, it was not required to honor the contracts.

The teachers’ appeal was dismissed.