English Language Arts and Science teachers, have you ever wanted to tell the state just how long it takes to teach all of the TEKS for your classes? Do you believe that the TEKS for your subjects are too long to cover in one school year? Or do you think that the TEKS are perfect? Starting today, you have a chance to give feedback to the State Board of Education about the length of time to teach the TEKS. 

The public comment period has opened for several SBOE rules, including the elementary and middle school TEKS for English language arts and reading, and the elementary, middle and high school TEKS for science. The State Board of Education is specifically soliciting feedback regarding the amount of time needed to provide instruction for the proposed TEKS. 

This is an excellent opportunity to explain if you think the TEKS should be streamlined or if you have a particular experience you would like to convey to those who adopt the TEKS. You can find all of the proposed rules, and the links to send public comments regarding those rules, here.