Beginning March 1, and continuing through May 5, TRS is conducting an election for two board trustee positions. One position is for a retiree representative (to be voted on only by retirees) and one is an at-large position that can be filled by either a retiree or active member (and can be voted on by members of both categories). Watch your mail during the next two weeks for the March TRS newsletter, which contains both candidate information and voting instructions. Surprisingly few TRS members participate in the election of trustees, so every vote counts. 

Among the candidates for the at-large seat is former TCTA President and TRS Board member Nanette Sissney. Her biographical information appears in the newsletter, and she has asked for TCTA member support to continue to work for retirement security for Texas educators.

Don’t put it off: Please vote when you receive your ballot, and no later than May 5.