During the 2018 Annual Meeting in Austin, the Representative Assembly will consider the following amendment. Additional amendments may be presented on the RA floor, but will require a higher voting percentage for approval.

The TCTA Executive Board recommends the following amendments to the TCTA Bylaws, Section 5. DUES AND REBATES:



Current annual dues for Active members, including professional liability insurance, are [$140] $175. Annual dues for Associate members shall be [$70] $85, including professional liability insurance. Annual dues for Student members shall be $20, including professional liability insurance for student teaching, unless a lower amount is specified by the TCTA Directors’ Council. Annual dues for Retired members shall be $15 and do not include professional liability insurance. Any eligible person whose employment begins after January 1 may join TCTA for one-half (1/2) dues for one-half (1/2) year. Any first-time TCTA Active member may join for [$90] $110.

In the event the Texas Legislature moves to provide professional liability insurance to teachers and/or other educators, the TCTA Executive Board shall have the authority to:

1.   revise professional liability insurance coverage offered by TCTA by deletion for some or all categories of membership, except for retired members, with a commensurate reduction in dues;

2.   provide professional liability insurance coverage on an optional basis for stated membership categories; or

3.   restructure the nature of the coverage as appropriate.

Note: The new dues rates would be effective beginning with the 2018-19 school year.

Rationale: The last TCTA dues increase was in 2007. Inflation since that time has been in excess of 20 percent, necessitating a dues increase at the recommended level to maintain and enhance current services of the quality our members expect and deserve while maintaining our strong financial position. The proposed dues levels will allow TCTA to continue our competitive advantage regarding dues for first-time Active members, and meet the stated preference of TCTA delegates to have larger but less frequent dues increases. The proposal will not increase dues in any category more than $3 per month.