A middle school principal took a nude selfie and emailed it to her husband. Someone hacked into her computer, stole the image, and forwarded it to her students.

The principal’s school district proposed the termination of her contract, arguing that dissemination of the photo reduced her effectiveness as a principal because of the uproar it caused in the community. The principal requested a hearing regarding the proposed termination of her contract. At the hearing, she produced evidence to show that the image was shared with her spouse, who traveled for work and was away from home for long periods of time. She did not consent to distribution of the image and it was only released due to the actions of the hacker. The independent hearing examiner ruled that the principal's contract should not be terminated. However, the school district's board of trustees disagreed and terminated her employment.

The principal appealed the termination to the commissioner of education, who ruled in favor of the district. The commissioner stated that the actions of a third party, such as hacking a computer and sharing private information on it, could create good cause to terminate a contract if the information that was shared impacted the employee’s ability to perform the job. The commissioner also rejected the principal’s argument that marital privilege prohibited the school board from terminating her contract based on the selfie that was sent to her spouse. Finally, the commissioner ruled that the district had the ability to overrule the independent hearing examiner’s original ruling.

The termination of the principal's contract was upheld. However, the case is on appeal to district court and litigation is ongoing.