TCTA was successful in persuading TEA to make clear in its final program rules for bilingual/ESL education that only teachers who are appropriately certified can be assigned to teach in these programs, unless a district receives a temporary waiver from TEA. An inappropriately certified teacher must be placed on a permit to work toward appropriate certification. 

TCTA has received many questions from members over the years about the circumstances in which they can be assigned to teach in these programs, and with that in mind, submitted public comments on TEA’s proposed rules requesting that the rules be very specific regarding exactly what type of certification is required for the variety of bilingual/ESL program models that school districts offer. TEA agreed, and made clarifying changes in the proposed rules upon adoption.

For example, TEA rules make clear that when implementing a content-based ESL program model, all four content teachers, or an appropriately certified generalist, must be certified in ESL.