Candidates are limited to five attempts to pass a certification exam under Texas Education Code §21.048. A subsection of the law that currently counts all attempts of the same exam taken before Sept. 1, 2015, as only one attempt is set to expire. Beginning Sept. 1, 2018, all attempts of the same exam, no matter when they occurred, will count toward the five-attempt testing limit regardless of when the exam was first attempted.  

Candidates, educators and others who took certification exams before Sept. 1, 2015, and have not yet passed those exams will find more information in the candidate guidance document (download it here). Test-takers impacted by the change must take their exam(s) by Aug. 31, 2018, if the new test attempt counting method will make them ineligible on Sept. 1. Candidates who reach the five-attempt testing limit must apply for a test-limit waiver to take the exam again.

Note: Individuals who did not test before Sept. 1, 2015, are not affected by the change since all examination attempts have always been included in the attempt count for these test-takers.