Teacher Retirement System Executive Director Brian Guthrie informed lawmakers and staff in recent meetings that the TRS Board will be considering premiums for retiree health insurance at its Sept. 20-21 meeting next week. 

When the law that made significant changes to retiree health insurance passed during the 2017 legislative session, the expectation was that insurance premiums for pre-65 retirees (currently $200 for retiree-only coverage) would increase by $50 per year over the next four years. However, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Senate State Affairs Committee Chair Joan Huffman recently asked the TRS Board not to increase retiree premiums, and other legislators have echoed the sentiment.

Although Guthrie could not predict the board’s upcoming vote, he indicated that he expected the board to take legislators’ concerns “very seriously” and it is likely that the board will opt to keep rates at the current levels. Visit the TCTA website after next week’s meeting for an update on actions taken by the board.