After gaining the support of the State Board of Education in September, TCTA took the final step in a successful fight to prevent expansion of an abbreviated route into teaching at the State Board for Educator Certification's Oct. 5, 2018, meeting.

During testimony before the SBEC board, TCTA persuaded the board to return to the original rule proposal it considered in March, which closely mirrored statutory provisions establishing a limited abbreviated educator preparation program in one certificate area. 

The board did adopt the proposal as originally presented in March, ending a six-month process during which controversial changes were made to the draft rules to expand the abbreviated program to Marketing and Health Science certificates, reduce the required pre-service training hours from 150 to 80, and allow entities other than SBEC-approved educator preparation programs to provide the training.

TCTA led the fight to oppose these changes, testifying numerous times before SBEC, which, nonetheless, adopted the objectionable rules and sent them to the elected State Board of Education for review (state law requires that all SBEC rules must be reviewed and approved by the SBOE before final adoption). However, upon urging from TCTA and others, SBOE board members unanimously rejected the rules in September, returning them to SBEC for re-examination based on the concerns raised by TCTA and others. 

The improved rule will now return to the State Board of Education for review, where it is widely expected to be approved for final adoption.