SB 2293

Status: Sent to governor
Author: Sen. Pat Fallon
Sponsor: Rep. Harold Dutton
Summary: Specifies that charter school employees are considered public employees with regard to the law that prohibits public employees from striking or entering into a collective bargaining agreement.

Requires the commissioner of education to develop a common admission form for charter school applicants, and to adopt guidelines for charters that have more applications than available spots at their school regarding how to create and manage their waiting list. Each year, by the end of October, each charter holder must report to TEA regarding the number of students enrolled, enrollment capacity, whether they use a waiting list for admissions, and the number of students on the waiting list (including the number disaggregated by grade level). The commissioner will identify charter holders considered to be corporate affiliates or substantially related, and will aggregate the reported information for each group of charter holders and post it by the following March 15.

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