HB 2184

Status: Sent to governor
Author: Rep. Alma Allen 
Sponsor: Sen. Joan Huffman
Summary: Specifies that the term "AEP" applies to DAEPs, JJAEPs and residential programs/facilities operated by the Juvenile Justice Department, a juvenile board or other governmental entity. Requires that as soon as practicable after an AEP determines the date of a student's release, the AEP administrator must provide written notice of the date to the parent and the administrator of the campus to which the student will transition. The AEP administrator must provide the campus administator with an assessment of the student's academic growth while at the AEP and the results of any assessment instruments.

Within five instructional days after the release, the campus administrator must coordinate the student's transition to a regular classroom. The coordination must include assistance and recomendations from school counselors, school district peace officers, school resource officers, licensed clinical social workers, campus behavior coordinators, classroom teachers who may be responsible for implementing the student's personalized transition plan (PTP), and any other appropriate personnel.

The PTP must include recommendations for the best educational placement of the student. It may include recommendations for counseling, behavioral management or academic assistance with a concentration on academic or career goals; recommendations for help in obtaining access to mental health services; provision of information to the parent about the process to request a special education evaluation; and a regular review of progress toward the student's academic or career goals. If practicable, the campus administrator or a designee will meet with the parent to coordinate plans for the transition.

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