HB 4205

Status: Sent to governor
Author: Rep. Tom Craddick 
Sponsor: Sen. Charles Perry
Summary: Creates an "ACE" (accelerated campus excellence) turnaround plan as an option for campuses that have been rated unacceptable for two consecutive school years. Under the ACE plan, the principal assigned to the campus must have demonstrated a history of improvement in student academic growth at his/her previous campus(es). The principal has final authority over personnel decisions.

At least 60% of the teachers assigned to the campus must be teachers who have demonstrated instructional effectiveness during the previous year as determined by

  • for a teacher who was in the district the previous year, the teacher's impact on student growth determined through a locally developed value-added model that measures student performance on at least one assessment selected by the district, and an evaluation based on classroom observation; and
  • for a teacher who was not in the district the previous year, data and other evidence indicating that if the teacher had been in the district he/she would have performed in the top half of teachers in the district.

The plan must also include a detailed description of employment and compensation structures for the principal and teachers, which must include significant incentives for a high-performing teacher/principal to remain at the campus and a 3-year commitment by the district to continue incentives. Policies and procedures for best practices must include data-driven instructional practices, a system of observation and feedback for teachers, positive student culture, family and community engagement, extended learning opportunities for students (which may include service or workforce learning opportunities), and before- or after-school services to improve student performance (which may include tutoring, extracurricular activities, counseling services, and meals for all students).

The plan must include assistance by a third-party provider approved by the commissioner in the development and implementation of the plan.

Also establishes a new option for a repurposed campus, which would be operated under a board-approved contract with a nonprofit tax-exempt organization that has an independent governing board, a successful history of operating campuses or charter schools that have at least 10 students and with a majority of campuses that have been assigned a B or higher for the previous year. The contract must provide that students in the attendance zone of the campus immediately before the repurpose must be admitted for enrollment. 

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