SB 869

Status: Sent to governor
Author: Sen. Judith Zaffirini 
Sponsor: Rep. Tan Parker
Summary: Requires districts and charter schools to annually review their policy regarding the care of students with a diagnosed food allergy at risk for anaphylaxis to ensure consistency with the most current version of the State Health Services Commission's "Guidelines for the Care of Students with Food Allergies At-Risk for Anaphylaxis."

Requires related information posted by TEA on the website to include a summary of the guidelines, and requires TEA to annually review and revise as necessary the summary to reflect the most current guidelines.

Requires that districts/charters post a summary of the guidlines on their website each year, including instructions on how to see the complete document. The guidelines cannot require a district/charter to purchase treatments or make any other expenditure, or require personnel to administer treatments to a student unless the medication is prescribed for the student by the student's doctor. Specifies that the law does not waive or create liability for a school or employees.

Requires the commissioner of education to create an ad hoc committee to consult with the commissioner on updating the guidelines. The committee must include a representative of the State Department of Health Services and the Texas Nurses Association, at least two individuals from national patient advocacy organizations, a principal and a teacher from elementary campuses with a food-allergic student enrolled, a superintendent, a school board member, a charter school governing body member, at least two parents of food-allergic students, at least four allergy physicians, and at least one pediatrician. 

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