HB 3316

Status: Sent to governor
Author: Rep. James White
Sponsor: Sen. Charles Schwertner
Summary: Expands cooperation between the Texas Crime Stoppers Council or a crime stoppers organization and school districts/charter schools. The council or organization may accept tips from any person regarding criminal activity, conduct or threatened conduct that constitutes a danger to public or an individual's safety, or conduct or threatened conduct that would disrupt the efficient and effective operations of a district or charter school. Tips may be forwarded to law enforcement, school districts or charter schools, as appropriate.

Adds a current or former school employee or official to the Crime Stoppers Council, and allows the appointment of a nonvoting public school student.

Adds to the enumerated duties of the council that it must encourage, advise and assist in the creation of campus-based crime stoppers organizations to increase the detection of criminal activity and other conduct or threatened conduct that can be reported. Evidence relating to communication between a person submitting a tip and a person accepting the tip cannot be considered in a hearing regarding the expulsion of a student or any other student disciplinary proceeding.

Provides that a school employee commits an offense if the person discloses the identity of a person who submitted a tip or the content of a tip without their consent to a person who is not a member of the Crime Stopper's Council, a crime stoppers organization, a district or a charter school. There is an exception if the person disclosing the information has received authorization from the chief executive of the crime stoppers organization that originally received the tip who has reasonably determined that failing to disclose creates a probability of imminent physical injury to a person, or the disclosure is otherwise required by law or court order. 

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