SB 1707

Status: Signed by governor
Author: Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr.
Sponsor: Rep. Alma Allen
Summary: Allows districts to enter into a memorandum of understanding with local law enforcement for the provision of school resource officers. Requires districts to determine the law enforcement duties of peace officers, school resource officers and security personnel, which must be laid out in the district improvement plan, the student code of conduct, any memorandum of understanding for school resource officers, and any other campus/district document describing the role of such personnel.

Peace officers, resource officers or security personnel cannot be assigned routine student discipline, school administrative tasks, or contact with students unrelated to their law enforcement duties, but this prohibition does not prohibit informal contact with a student unrelated to the assigned duties of the officer or an incident involving student behavior or law enforcement.

The school board must coordinate with campus behavior coordinators and other employees in determining law enforcement duties to ensure that peace officers, resource officers and security personnel are tasked only with duties related to law enforcement intervention and no behavioral or administrative duties better addressed by other employees.

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