Are you interested in TCTA statewide office? If so, a key deadline is about a week away! Delegates to the 2020 Annual Meeting on Feb. 7, 2020, will elect the following TCTA statewide officers, with terms to begin June 1, 2020:

  • President-Elect
  • Budget Committee Chair
  • Curriculum & Instruction Committee Chair
  • Teacher Personal Services Committee Chair
  • Director-at-Large (if needed to ensure ethnic-minority representation on the TCTA Directors’ Council)

If you’re interested in filing for any of these positions, please let us know in writing through a letter specifying the office or by completing and submitting this Qualifications and Consent Statement. If you want to be on the printed ballot, we must receive your nomination at Headquarters by Nov. 9, 2019. Additional candidates can be nominated from the floor during the February meeting, but will not appear on the ballot.

Nominations can be submitted by mail or fax to:

TCTA Executive Director
P. O. Box 1489
Austin, TX 78767-1489
Fax: 512-469-9527

Nov. 9 also is the deadline for submitting any proposed amendments to the TCTA Constitution or Bylaws. An amendment can be proposed during the February meeting, but it would require a higher voting majority to pass, and the proposer must provide copies to the Representative Assembly.

We'll be releasing more information about the 2020 Annual Meeting soon.