National Board Certified Teachers will automatically earn a "Recognized" designation for purposes of a new Teacher Incentive Allotment, which provides between $3,000 and $9,000 per teacher with a "Recognized" designation, depending on the type of district (more for rural districts) and the number of educationally disadvantaged students at the teacher's campus (regardless of whether the district has an approved local teacher designation system in place).

Although the law requires that 90% of the allotment be spent on teacher compensation for teachers at the designated teacher's campus, the full amount of the allotment will follow the teacher if he/she moves to a different campus or district, giving those designated teachers some salary bargaining power.

For those of you interested in National Board Teacher Certification, we have compiled a handout summarizing some key information about the program. Click here to download a copy. For more on the certification process and requirements, click here to visit the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards website.